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Most Frequent Asked Questions

The purpose of this site is to provide a platform for lawyers, accountants, Tax Planners and Company Formation Agents to connect, collaborate, access resources, and stay updated within their respective fields.

To become a member, you can sign up through the registration process on our website and choose the appropriate membership plan. We offer one month’s free trial membership with full access to the Members area.

As a member, you gain access to a network of professionals, legal and accounting resources, forums, educational materials, networking opportunities and exclusive discounts.

By joining a lawyer/accountant membership site, you gain access to a community of like-minded professionals, exclusive educational content, industry updates, networking opportunities, and resources to enhance your professional skills and knowledge.

Membership is open to Licensed Lawyers/Solicitors, accountants, Tax Planners, Formation Agents and as well as law and accounting students.

The membership cost varies depending on the chosen plan. Please refer to our website for detailed pricing information. As previously mentioned, we offer a one month’s free trial will full access to the Members Area.

Yes, our site provides a wide range of legal and accounting resources such as articles, guides, templates, and tools that members can access and utilise.

Absolutely! Our membership site facilitates networking opportunities through access to the full members list so each member can interact with any member throughout the world.

The content may cater to all jurisdictions. It’s important to review the site’s description and offerings to determine the extent to which it caters to your jurisdiction.

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